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Who are we?

So, who are we?

Together, over 30 years experience of researching, practising and coaching Lean in automotive distribution and retail.

This could be characterised by the concept of “doing what it says on the tin”. There is however a bit more to it. Much research has shown that customer loyalty is generated by how easy the experience is. And by the same token dissatisfaction and disloyalty is in proportion to how difficult the experience feels.


John and Piers write articles in many publication such as www.am-online.com an Automotive Management magazine,  www.icdp.net– International Car Distribution Programme and www.emeraldinsight.com to name but a few


But it is also about the experience. For example providing the right information that makes it easy to take the decision (What repairs do I need? Which car should I buy? Can I afford it? etc)


John S. Kiff

– Lean Coach –

  • Researching auto-retail and distribution since 1994
  • Coaching Lean in auto-retail since 1999
  • Co-author of Shingo Prize-winning ‘Creating Lean Dealers’
  • Client winner of All-Norway Lean Prize in 2011 now 3-times as profitable as network average
  • Other clients have improved:
    • Service productivity to 200%
    • Sales productivity by 50%
    • Parts wholesales by 50% while reducing stock
    • Staff morale and retention

Piers Trenear-Thomas

– Lean Coach –

  • Chartered Accountant by training – initially
  • Partner in one of the (then) top ten firms
  • Specialised in consultancy and in the automotive sector
  • And in mergers, acquisitions, strategy development and deployment
  • Financial analyst for leading automotive trade magazine
  • Senior Advisor to the ICDP (International Car Distribution Programme)
  • Coaching Lean in Auto Retail since 2002

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