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What is lean

Providing what the customer needs

– Generating value –

Value to the customer is simply……what you have agreed to provide or what the customer expects and they want it:


  • ‘ Right first time’  (quality) – for a service, a new car, information…
  • ‘ On time’  in the right quantity – every time (delivery)
  • In less time,– and thus at less cost– to give lower prices and/or more profit
  • With good service and convenience to the customer and less stress to the team …
  • While always remembering that the customer’s time isn’t free!
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Without including steps that do not add value

– Eliminating waste –

Any activity that consumes resources but creates no value from the customer’ s perspective is a waste of one form or another that needs to be eliminated ” Jim Womack, Founder, Lean Enterprise Institute and Lean Author.


Waste: Any step in a process that isn’ t right first time on time, or takes longer than it needs to


Waste: Defects, searching, re-working, waiting, unnecessary movement, too much stock…

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By changing the way people think about everyday challenges

– Structured problem solving –

A Lean business sees waste as a problem and it works on eliminating the root causes.
It wants less-stressed people;
It wants to release their time so they can create more value for customers.
It wants to produce more with the same number of people and amount of space and time.

It does all this using the deceptively simple PDCA (Plan, Do, Check, Act) method, …without jumping to solutions. And it does it time and time again – continuously

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Which will make better people who generate better profits

– Better people, bigger profits –

A Lean business solves problems using every brain in the business, with everyone using the same, structured, method of PDCA.

They become more engaged, more capable and more content, more customer-focused.

You lose fewer staff; you gain more customers

The more problem-solvers, the more waste is eliminated. The more value is created, the more profit can be made

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