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– Generating value –

So, what is ‘ value’  to the customer?

Value to the customer is simply what you have agreed to provide or what the customer needs.

This could be characterised by the concept of “doing what it says on the tin”. There is however a bit more to it. Much research has shown that customer loyalty is generated by how easy the experience is. And by the same token dissatisfaction and disloyalty is in proportion to how difficult the experience feels.


“Easy” starts with getting it right-first-time-on-time. The “doing what it says on the tin” bit.


But it is also about the experience. For example providing the right information that makes it easy to take the decision (What repairs do I need? Which car should I buy? Can I afford it? etc)


Decisions are about making choices. Value is about making the right ones. If we make that process simple and clear for customers and then do what it says on the tin, we have a better chance of delivering maximum customer value in minimum time at least effort.

Lean Thinking is about developing the people and processes that continuously improve the ability to generate customer value.

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