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– Eliminating waste –

So what are wastes?


” Any activity that consumes resources but creates no value from the customer’s perspective is a waste of one form or another that needs to be eliminated “


Jim Womack, Founder, Lean Enterprise Institute and Lean Author.

This is not just about the final customer. If you are not delivering what you promised, when it was promised, that is bad for business. But consider also the internal “customers”, the staff who have to string together the sequence of steps that is supposed to deliver on the promise.


Each failure to deliver a step, right-first-time-on-time, to the next person in the chain makes it more difficult to deliver right-first-time-on-time to the final customer. In fact more than a couple of failures probably makes it impossible.


Even if by chance, or superhuman effort, you still give the customer what you promised, you have done so at a cost. That cost is waste.

Lean Thinking is about developing the people who can continuously improve processes and eliminate waste.

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