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– Better people, bigger profits –

Lean practice makes better people who generate better profits

How? By engaging everyone in the business


There’ s plenty of evidence that people who are engaged in improving their work using a structured method such as PDCA are much more satisfied.


By engaging everyone in solving the problems that matter to the business in a structured way (rather than just doing random improvements) far more waste is eliminated, far more value can be created using the same resources

Alignment and leadership

Key to success in Lean is aligning everyone in the business with the purpose of the business.

This means that a Lean business:

  • Is clear about its Purpose (Vision, Mission, True North) and that they are understood by everyone
  • Focuses on providing Value (Right First Time on Time) to customers and colleagues
  • Seeks to improve its processes continuously so Value is improved continuously
  • Develops the capability of its people in such a way that they improve the processes

  • Develops a mind-set of respect for people and continuous improvement which is underpinned by Lean thinking and its tools and techniques
  • Has leaders who Go See, Ask Why and Show Respect
  • Has leaders who get each person to take initiative to solve problems and improve his/her job
  • Has leaders that ensure that each person’s job is aligned to provide value for the customer and prosperity for the company”

Lean is a journey – without end.


The other key task of leaders is to sustain not only the improvements as they are made, but also the process of improvement so the business keeps on and on improving.

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