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Reducing downtime for truck operators

Reducing downtime for truck operators

What was the Problem?

  • Every truck in the UK has to have a safety and condition inspection every 6-weeks
  • The management and team of a major truck dealer were introduced to Lean thinking
  • They then saw the waste in every regular inspection: walking, searching, variation of method
  • Interruption of other techs to help with the inspection – affecting quality and efficiency



  • Observe and map process to identify waste
  • Propose experiment of two technicians working together to do a truck inspection
  • Test and improve new method and layout of tools
  • Establish standard method (best way we know how, today) and teach it to others



Two technicians doing Express Truck Inspection



  • 2 technicians, synchronised, doing minimum of 2.5 hours work in 1 hour
  • Next target: 45 mins = 166% efficient
  • Other technicians’ work is more efficient as they are not interrupted
  • Parking problems on site are significantly reduced
  • Appointment time means customers now bring trucks in midweek for inspections
  • They plan for driver to wait for 1 hour, mid-route instead of leaving the truck over the weekend
  • Work previously turned away at weekend now accepted


Profit increase estimated at £180,000 p.a.

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