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Increasing sales using Lean Thinking

Increasing sales using Lean Thinking

What was the Problem?

  • Sales were not meeting target; although conversion rate seemed to be OK
  • Identified need to improve ‘Opportunities to do Business’
  • Management experienced effectiveness of visual management in After-Sales



  • Visual charts for all salesmen to complete daily for Enquiries, Test Drives, Sales
  • Daily meeting with sales manager to discuss gaps vs target


Salesmen completing his daily charts



  • Salesmen engaged in ‘their problem / gap’
  • Activity adjusted daily – not at end of month
  • First month: Enquiries +20%; Sales +17% vs previous year
  • Second month: Enquiries +36%; Sales +47% vs vs previous year

Contributed to £190,000 uplift in profit for the financial year vs previous year

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